Sunday, August 15, 2010

I'm still staying busy.

Freshly bottled - 3 gallons of lemon wine, AKA Murphy's Irish Lemon Elixir and Liver Tonic:

Coming next? Strawberry, and Watermelon's just finished in the primary fermentor...

Good-looking bird!

Of course, I'm a wee-bit biased, having been a crew dawg on said bird, but hey...

Here's WC-135C Constant Phoenix Tail Number 62-3582, shortly after retrofit from it's previous life as an EC-135C Looking Glass platform:

Morning Commute Haiku

These come to mind every morning as I hop onto the Interstate enroute to work...

Prius blocks fast lane.
NASCAR number on hatchback?
Drive like you stole it!

Minivan swerving.
Mom flailing at kids in back.
She's on the phone, too.