Thursday, January 29, 2009

Back when MTV showed Music Videos...

It's commonly well-known that the world turned to color from Black & White partway through filming of the Wizard of Oz. That was a shocker for some, but was generally embraced by all as pretty much a good thing, although Ted Turner took it a bit far when he "colorized" some original pre-Wizard of Oz B&W classics. Not too long after that, a new phenomenon known as MTV hit the airwaves, and enthralled many of us with an artistic creation known as the Music Video.

I was a college freshman when MTV first appeared, and Martha Quinn kept my rapt attention, along with her compadres (the late) J.J. Jackson, Nina Blackwood, Alan Hunter, and Mark Goodman.

The videos ran the gamut from cheesy and low-budget to extraordinarily lavish productions.

They put a face and story to the songs one heard on radio and vinyl (itself almost relegated to history, save for a recent resurgence), and I was hooked.

The video that really sunk its claws into me?

Ex-Rainbow member Tony Carey's one-man band, Planet P Project, and What I See/Behind the Barrier. from his Pink World album. I've had that particular album for decades since then, and am in fact a true Artemite, for those who know of such things.

Without further ado, Planet P Project - What I See/Behind the Barrier:

Crosswind landings?

See the photo above - crosswind landings were never really a problem for us. Our 4 sets of main landing gear could be turned to "crab" the jet for that exact situation. It sure beats the hell out of the "wing down, opposite rudder" bit. If you look close enough, you can discern that the mains are lined up with the runway while the nose of the B-52H is pointing upwind. There aren't a lot of pics or videos out there showing the technique, but here's one video showing a BUFF exhibiting the feature while tooling down a taxiway, breaking the taxiway lights with the wingtip outriggers in the process:

To get rid of the annoying ad in the middle of the video, just click on it and close the pop-up that follows. Sorry, I figured it was a small annoyance for such a neat video...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're all getting older. It's a fact.

Tam dreaded the idea, but here's a recent photo of Jimmy Page, complete with broken finger:

Silver haired and broken-fingered, he can still kick the posterior of damned near every other guitarist walking the planet.

Dawgs love snow!

They really dig it. (Get it - dig?)

The two pups were crying at the back door, wanting to go out and play as the big flakes continued to fall, so who was I to say no? I mean, you have to let a dog be a dog sometimes, really.

Bernie and Quinn (she had that name long before Marko's kid did...) dug and dug and dug, looking for absolutely nothing in particular. That continued in earnest until their feet got too cold, at which time they decided they had accomplished quite enough, and promptly came back inside.

Both pups have done amazingly well since departing Florida's hot and humid climate in 2006, putting on weight, no ticks or fleas, and their coats are absolutely luxurious. The fact that I have a bumper crop of cottontails residing in my back yard has not gone unnoticed by the Chow-Spitz, either. (Think along the lines of a Maverick missile with a faulty guidance system...)

Sunday, January 11, 2009


The forecast says 17 below zero this coming Thursday.

That's before the wind chill factor gets thrown into the mix.

I think I may just take a personal day off from work, before something just plain shatters in my truck.

The Housing Market Crash of 2008

Times are hard everywhere, it seems.

I'm thinking about using my VA home loan on this fixer-upper:

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Linksys WRT54G/WSB24 and Tomato firmware reliability update...

In a word?


It's been a few months since I last posted about the combination of hardware and software running my home network.

Suffice it to say there's not much that can be said about a system that simply does what it's supposed to do, with a minimum of fuss.

The astute reader will notice that I do indeed have a Linksys WSB24 signal booster in the stack pictured above. Just because Linksys said it doesn't work with the WRT54G routers doesn't mean they're telling the truth. The signal booster and the Linksys HGA7T 7dbi extended antennae do a wonderful job in giving my 802.11g network plenty of range and throughput no matter where I am in the house or garage. Not bad, considering the whole rack is in the basement laundry room...