Thursday, January 29, 2009

Crosswind landings?

See the photo above - crosswind landings were never really a problem for us. Our 4 sets of main landing gear could be turned to "crab" the jet for that exact situation. It sure beats the hell out of the "wing down, opposite rudder" bit. If you look close enough, you can discern that the mains are lined up with the runway while the nose of the B-52H is pointing upwind. There aren't a lot of pics or videos out there showing the technique, but here's one video showing a BUFF exhibiting the feature while tooling down a taxiway, breaking the taxiway lights with the wingtip outriggers in the process:

To get rid of the annoying ad in the middle of the video, just click on it and close the pop-up that follows. Sorry, I figured it was a small annoyance for such a neat video...

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