Sunday, January 18, 2009

We're all getting older. It's a fact.

Tam dreaded the idea, but here's a recent photo of Jimmy Page, complete with broken finger:

Silver haired and broken-fingered, he can still kick the posterior of damned near every other guitarist walking the planet.


Anonymous said...

Gweher98! I've finally found you! Hey, I know its been years, but I have to ask you about that FrankenSKS project. If you get this, please shoot me an e-mail at

Please respond, I need to know!

Terrence said...

Help! I've been trying to contact you. Need your expertise about M14s. I'm at or PLEASE check your messages at THR. Additional info - my Fed Ord is stamped M14A, NOT M14SA. WHAT the heck do I have?
Yup, we're all getting older - I was originally trained on an M14, although I ended up with an M16 later on. I'm just lucky enough that my brown hair turned to what looks like blonde instead of gray.