Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Tam's muse is back in full stride.

The erudite Ms. Tamara has written a concise entry here regarding something that's very near and dear to my heart.

That would be the Czech VZ-52 SHE rifle, in 7.62x45 Czech M-52 flavor, see the big chunk of wood and metal above and to the right.

For several years now, I've had something of an informational web page describing the rifle, its history, and the care and feeding thereof.

Of course, she has Oleg Volk's excellent photography to liven up her expose' of the obscure little rifle. How can I compete with that? (Yes, I'm jealous)

But I can't be too jealous. Here's the secret: I've been making and selling good reloadable 7.62x45 Czech brass for a while, pretty much about as long as my VZ-52 web page has been running. Most of the sales have been via word-of-mouth, but thanks to my recent military retirement and a few new techniques and tools, I've made a quality product even better and more available at the same time. Tam has helped me by letting the cat further out of the bag with her linky goodness. And for that, I am quite grateful.


Tam said...

It wasn't my muse that had deserted me; it was my lack of a network connection that put me off my feed and into a clinical depression.


Gewehr98 said...

Roger on the depression thing. Regarding the muse, I was thinking about the long dry spell between entries at your "other" blog.

HTRN said...

I mentioned on Tam's blog, figured I'd mention it here as well - CH4D also has 7.62x45 dies for $101, about $30 cheaper than RCBS