Saturday, December 29, 2007

Ooh, they're upset!

Looks like the folks at Fatman Audio in the UK are miffed about my HCT HMS-100 system:

Warning for all our customers

It has come to our attention that in certain countries a copy of the Fatman iTube and iTube with speakers has appeared. It is important to note that these sub-standard copies are not in anyway connected with the Fatman brand and as such, if they are purchased, we and our various distributors across the world will not support them.

Furthermore, to our knowledge, none of these copy products are approved by Apple Corporation under their Made For iPod programme and as such use unauthorised 30-pin connectors from a non-Apple approved source.

Although it is flattering that such products have appeared as a consequence of the Fatman brand’s success across the world, it is also misleading and confusing for our growing customer and fan-base and this, in our opinion, is unacceptable.

Put simply, if the product doesn’t have a Fatman logo on it, if it doesn’t come in Fatman packaging and if it doesn’t come from a dealer of one our authorised distributors in each country listed on this website, our advice is to not touch it.

Of course it's unacceptable to them - they're charging several hundred bucks for a silly-assed silkscreen of a fat dude, when the rest of us are getting the same damned system sans logo, most likely from the same supplier to the Brits (you really think they can make 'em themselves without cheap Chinese/Korean labor), and sending them a subtle reminder that they're just a smidgen overpriced.

"Copy" my arse. Ya know what? Let Fatman UK open up their amplifier cover and show us where it's really made. Friggin' crybabies, they got beat at their own game, and have nobody to blame but themselves.

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