Sunday, November 23, 2008

Another Mauser?

Yup. Fairly rare, as far as they go, too.

Look what fell into my grubby little paws today:

It resembles a standard K98 Mauser, nicht wahr? Wait, it gets better...

The flag safety's there, as is the bolt relief in the stock, but what's up with that short receiver?

A-Ha! It's a pre-war .22 LR training rifle, with the "Eagle-over-N" proof marks, and the SAd.NASDP stock cartouche. We're talking a single-shot rimfire rifle with the same external dimensions and weight as a K98 Mauser, right down to accepting a standard K98 bayonet. I'd considered such a rifle to be a Holy Grail in all things Mauser, so you can bet your Sweet Bippy I'm doing the happy dance of joy right about now.

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Firehand said...

Damn, that's nice! I've used the Enfield and Pole trainers, but I've never seen one of this in person.