Sunday, December 14, 2008

What to do, what to do?

So there's this box of Hornady 500gr FMJRN .458" bullets sitting there on my office desk, courtesy of a friend who no longer had a need for them.

Of course, I have a Ruger#1S chambered in .45 Government, aka .45-70. That means one thing to me - Thumper .45-70 loads!

Here's me setting up to make a small batch, using my trusty Huntington's Compac Press and those ancient German Craftsman dial calipers:

That's a compressed load of IMR-3031, by the way! I ended up making 25 of the artillery shells, with 5 destined for the shellholder in the Ruger's sling:

The muzzle energy calculator says they'll deliver 3600ft/lbs of whoop-ass as they depart the barrel. That means your's truly will be shooting them from the offhand position. No way am I riding them from the bench!

The big question now is what to shoot them at? I have ideas, to include an old V8 engine block, or something similar. Maybe I should schedule a trip to visit Mr. Box-O-Truth...


Tam said...

MMmmmmm! Ruger Number 1!

In a big-bore caliber, no less!

og said...

That is total sweetness. If I hadn't my sights set on much larger calibers I'd so be lusting after that.

Anonymous said...

Heh. A number of years ago I played around with some of those. I chucked some in a lathe and kept trimming the bases until they got to 400 grains, then stuffed even more than your 52 grains of 3031 under them.

There was a '59 Chevy up on blocks behind a friend's soon-to-be-torn-down-barn; the 400 grainers certainly didn't go all the way through the block, but if they missed the block they went completely through the Chevy. The long way.

And the barn.

Anonymous said...

Those FMJ's make for some nice looking rounds. Hah!

Never tried the FMJ 500 gr. thumpers. (only because I haven't had any to try ;-)

I do have a plinker load of 25 grains of 2400 under a 500 grain cast lead WFN from LaserCast. Impressive results and still easy on the shoulder.

Bob@thenest said...

So, how many four by fours can you glue together? :-)

Anonymous said...

Box o'Truth is always a good idea.
Gallon jugs full of water also.

Ride Fast said...

[...] Flying with your ammo [...]


J.R.Shirley said...


Anonymous said...

They already did the 45-70 with the Box O Truth. ;)

"It went through 12 boards of sheetrock, busted the water jug really nicely, busted the brick to pieces, and exited the back board...
...carrying a brick and half of the back pine board with it, and was last seen headed down range, mad as the dickens.

Moral of this lesson:
Don't get in any gun fights with buffalo hunters. There ain't no such thing as cover."