Sunday, January 12, 2014

It hit 40 degrees outside today!

This would normally make me happy, a brief taste of spring in the middle of winter.

But not today.  We had a ton of freezing rain two days ago, leaving a 1/4" to 3/8" sheet of pure ice on my driveway, walkway to the house, sidewalks out front, and the street.  I wasted 40 pounds of rock salt making my sloped driveway barely navigable to foot traffic, let alone our vehicles.  The sidewalk was a lost cause.  Taking the dogs out for their periodic walk was an exercise in sliding.  Even the dogs knew what was going on, and walked in the snow alongside the sidewalk.  I was just waiting to fall down on my busted shoulder again...

So the temperature spikes to 40 degrees F, but only for about 6 hours today.  The melting commenced, which made me happy.  And then it stopped as darkness fell, with those rushing meltwaters freezing solid again tonight, particularly on the sidewalks and the front walkway of the house.  Great.  It was basically a solar Zamboni, polishing the ice and making it even more perfect and glass-like in composition, while washing away any of the salt and brine I had already put down.

Screw this.  We're supposed to get a couple inches of snow by morning.  I'll go into town and get two more 40lb bags of salt tomorrow, and see if I can keep from getting sued by pedestrians falling down on my sidewalks.  In the meantime, I'm diluting my aspirin heavily tonight.

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