Friday, February 22, 2008

Please Protect Us From Ourselves!

For the uninformed, on 6 February, (earlier this month), 2,000+ motorists stranded themselves on the Interstate between Janesville and Madison, WI. This occured during the worst snowstorm of 2008, and I'll say it again - they stranded themselves. Many sat there for 9-12 hours, until National Guard, DNR Game Wardens, and State Patrol crews started rescue operations.

The local news rags now echo the wailing and gnashing of teeth from those who wish to blame everybody but themselves for their predicament. I find the unmitigated gall of the whiners totally unbelievable, especially since local news television and radio broadcasts forecast the storm well in advance, and repeatedly warned folks to stay off the roads. One mental midget was clearly upset that he had his 2 month-old baby in the car with him for the duration. Hello, McFly? Reckless child endangerment charges come to mind...

We received 13.5 inches of snow at Casa de' G-98 that day. Granted, I'm somewhat jaded, being a graduate of the USAF Arctic Survival School (aka, Cool School), among several others. I called in to work and stayed home - my momma didn't raise an idiot. However, it doesn't take a survivalist education to become aware of what one can and cannot do in adverse conditions. If the roads look like this, and the authorities tell you to stay off of them, they're not doing it to hear themselves speak:

I see today that the governor has issued an apology, but it's not the right apology. Here's how it should've read:

Citizens of Wisconsin,

Please allow me the opportunity to apologize for the unfortunate situation which occurred on Wednesday, February 6, 2008.

I’m sorry that the people involved in the traffic situation are idiots.

I’m sorry that they didn’t have the common sense to stay off the roads.

I’m sorry that they didn’t think to equip their cars for winter driving.

I’m sorry that they are a poor reflection upon the people of the great State of Wisconsin.

I’m sorry that they expect someone to jump in and save them after they make poor decisions.

In general, I’m sorry that people continue to remain helpless and unable to take care of themselves.


Governor Jim Doyle

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