Sunday, March 02, 2008

It's back!

Ok, maybe it doesn't say "Winchester" on the barrel or buttplate, but then again, "Winchester" firearms haven't really been owned by a member of the Winchester family for eons, have they?

However, O.F. Mossberg and Sons has given John Moses Browning credit where due, and re-introduced the venerable Winchester Model 94 lever rifle, calling it their Model 464. See the strong family resemblance?

Now, they've changed a couple things, most visibly by adding a tang safety (ala' the last run of Winchester 94s, still better than that crossbolt abortion), a round bolt vs. the previous square model, and a rear receiver bridge over the bolt for scope mounting. The tang safety will absolutely booger up any attempt at mounting a rear tang sight, so if I get one I'll have to remedy that. Otherwise, it's a pretty good-looking replica, and if it goes across the counter for 300 clams, I'll be happy to put one or two under my Christmas tree this year.

It makes one wonder what those who bought the remains of Winchester's firearms side will do for an encore...

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