Thursday, January 14, 2010

The $19.00 Kershaw

Last November, REI ran a special sale on Kershaw Storm II knives, marked down to an attractive $19.00 each.

I'm normally a Benchmade kind of guy, but I simply couldn't resist at the price listed. I use my pocket folding knives (usually a Benchmade Eclipse) every day at work, home, and afield, so I was intrigued by the Ken Onion design enough to buy a couple of them.

It's been about two months now, and I've thoroughly abused the one pictured below, with little sign of it giving up any time soon. It's definitely heavier than my Benchmade, and although I had misgivings about the stainless alloy, the 3.5" blade has held its edge quite well, even when ripping through cardboard packaging, etc.

Save for my little CRKT KISS serrated folder, I shy away from liner lock and frame lock knives. This Kershaw Storm II may have changed my prejudices against the design - it's pretty darned solid, once you get over the stigma of having your thumb in the path of the folding blade as you move the lock aside.

All in all, a darned good knife for the price. I just wish I had purchased a few more...

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