Monday, July 12, 2010

Heart-warming commercials are few and far between...

This one's pretty good:

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Glenn B said...

Sure was impossible to figure out the point of that one until the very end.

I saw some of the video did not fit into your blog width wise. A quick fix for that is once you copy the code, save the blog and see it all did not fit - you can edit it by changing the width size number in the last time/place it appears in the code. You can also change the height size the last place it appears in the code to make both change. Just do it about 20 or 30 pixels apiece at first to see how much it changes, save the blog, view it, and see if it fits. That way you can figure if it needs a lot or a little change to make it fit and do again if necessary.

All the best,
Glenn B