Sunday, January 30, 2011

They Trademarked "Tactical"!

I kid you not. Usually, if you paint something black and attach rails to it, you get a cart-blanche excuse to call it "tactical". I've seen tactical flashlights w/scalloped bezels, tactical letter openers, tactical coffee mugs (Thanks, Oleg!), and damned near everything else labeled with that particular adjective.

I'd resigned myself to the fact that the term "tactical" is pretty much a marketing ploy and nothing else, but I was floored today when I received my Cabela's sale flyer. There it was - Federal American Eagle TACTICAL ammo, with the nice Registered Trademark right behind "tactical". Yup. The summonabenches trademarked it.

That worries me now. Will Federal/American Eagle go after the makers of my tactical toilet tissue? How about the Tactical Air Command patch memento in my shadow box? What if something just plain looks tactical, like the knives made by my late knife and gunsmith? That Caspian Officer's ACP of mine? Yeah, it's probably tactical, too. Well, it could be strategic, I suppose, but that's not a sales buzzword...

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