Monday, January 31, 2011

Yuengling Lager in Wisconsin!

In their infinite wisdom (ala' Coors back in the day) Yuengling Breweries won't distribute their stuff to points west of the Eastern Seaboard. That's too bad, because some of us Damn Yankees who spent lots of time south of the Mason-Dixon line have a real hankering for Yuengling, shucked oysters, pulled pork sammiches, and decent buffalo wings.

I didn't fix the problem, but rather treated the symptoms. I ordered a case of Yuengling online from and by Gawd they shipped it! They were even good enough to wait for the weather to go above zero degrees Fondly Fahrenheit so that the bottles wouldn't burst in transit.

So as I sit here awaiting the 20 inches of snow they're predicting by Wednesday AM, there's a crock pot of chili simmering, and many bottles of Yuengling chilling on the back deck in a positive application of fluffy frozen raindrops.


James Laurenti said...

Hi there,

I was just doing some research to see what sort of presence my family's wine shop had on the internet, and I came across this post. I just wanted to say (albeit very belatedly) "thank you" for the shout-out!

I'm glad to hear the Yuengling made it safe and sound. :)

All best,
James, the Prodigal Son

Gewehr98 said...


If I could name my firstborn after you I would have done so. In lieu of that, I will be placing repeat orders. The Yuengling, it evaporates quickly once the first bottle is opened...