Friday, March 23, 2007

Cabin Fever and The Cure.

If there's one sure sign that spring is here in the Great White North, it's the fact that the robins are in my backyard, chirping happily away.

The snow is gone, the grass is attempting to turn green, and I took the last 40-pound bag of salt intended for the driveway and dumped it into the water softener's brine tank. (Of course, it'll probably snow and freeze again as soon as I did that)

I've got a 3-day weekend starting today. To shake the winter doldrums, I'm getting a head-start on reloading at my bench in the garage. I've got 5 pounds of Goex Cartridge BP (none of that girly Pyrodex or Triple Se7en crap for me, thank you!) that needs to be distributed into smaller 70-grain proportions, and several hundred 500-550gr .459" cast bullets that need to be lube-sized and situated on top of those 70-grain BP charges.

I suppose I could take the laptop out into the garage, but the TV and stereo out there are already dangerous distractions. So I'll just put some music on, and after a bit, I'll have 20 more of these ready to go:

That's at least a start, and will get me closer to what I need for practice, and for the 2007 Quigley Match this June. I know, y'all are jealous, aren't you?

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Phiala said...

Good words.