Friday, March 23, 2007

Militarization of police...

If ever there was any doubt as to what CIVILIAN police forces are migrating towards, take a look here:

Operation Take Back

Now, I understand the War on (Some) Drugs is a highly volatile, emotion-charged issue. I've got two marijuana-smoking stepsons who think I'm some sort of Federal Killjoy because I won't allow them to indulge while residing under my roof. So be it, I don't like illegal drugs and don't think much of humans who have the need to alter their mental chemistry to deal with life's reality. However, it is their choice and as long as they pose me no problems or additional costs, they can Darwin themselves until the cows come home. Back to the topic at hand, WTF is going on out there in Florida land since I left? Palm Bay PD now wants a reconnaissance drone for law enforcement, and it's not a stretch to think they're in the market for a surplus M113 APC or similar to serve warrants.

Who wants to bet that the M16 variant carried by Tactical Barney Fife here has Da Switch?

Luckily, if you don't have a CAR-15, you can at least Taze the bejeezus out of somebody these days:

“He was resisting the deputy and was not being compliant, so I Tazed him,” said Melbourne Police Officer and SWAT team member Cyril Hopping. “I’m going home tonight. I’ve got kids. I’m not afraid to Taze somebody.”

Cyril, was that before or after the group huddle to "pump up" the SWAT team members prior to engaging in their "tactical operations"?

Achtung, Deine Papieren, Bitte!


Anon said...

Achtung, Deine Papieren, Bitte!

Holy crap, my dad is always saying that shit, especially in conjunction with any news story of a national ID program or with police abuses. hahaha

~~LL @ Chromed Curses

btw, you might want to open up your comments to everyone. Not all have google or blogger accounts. Mine is tied to another blog, not the one I use now, so I have to use this stupid "anon" acct.

Gewehr98 said...

Oops. Comments opened up. Good catch!