Sunday, April 01, 2007

New reduced-recoil .357 Sig round revealed!

So at the behest of all those limp-wristed Glock 31 owners complaining about excessive recoil, it appears Sig has released a new "low-recoil" .357 Sig round. (History repeats itself, ala' the 10mm's downloading to .40 Short & Weak)

In what could be described as an incredible insider scoop, I have procured one of the aforementioned rounds. Without further ado, witness the new .357 Sig mid-range 148gr HBWC load. Remember, you saw it here first at Neural Misfires!

(Reptar dolly included to provide scale comparison)


LL said...

That is an ugly lookin' round. But in a good way. haha

Gullyborg said...

reduced recoil (aka low power) .357 Sig... and, that is different from a 9mm how?

Gewehr98 said...

Because it's tacticool, in a Mall Ninja black BDU, high-speed, low-drag, SiG and Glock sort of way. Trauma plates and duct tape not included, btw.