Sunday, March 21, 2010

For my dear friend in Northern California...

Whom I understand is not in the best of health these days. Richard "Dirty Dick" Bancroft is a mentor to me, and taught me much in the way of blades and John Moses Browning, amongst other things. Many a night we would sit up and solve the world's problems, while he ground a knife blank from ATS-34 or 154-CM, or milled a flat top on a 1911's slide in preparation for a Bo-Mar cut. I am still in awe, and cherish my meager collection of his handiwork, be they blades:

Or things of the 1911 persuasion, like a 3.5" Caspian Officer's ACP w/Kart barrel, tapered cone lockup, and his own design Bancroft sights:

A 5" Norinco 1911A1 w/ Kart barrel, Bo-Mar sights, Videcki lockwork, etc:

If you happen upon a knife, 1911 variant, or S&W revolver with a D/D rollmark, you've got something that should be kept very close for you and your subsequent generations to cherish.

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