Sunday, March 21, 2010

Muzzle Blasts, Pt. II

Kudos to all who guessed the make of the rifle from last week's episode of Name That Muzzle! I've got some sharp readers, it was indeed a SMLE, more precisely a NoIMkIII* produced at RSAF Enfield in 1917, with plenty of history I'm sure between then and when I acquired it in 1999. Here's the complete rifle image, taken on the first day the snow melted here in our part of Wisconsin:

Here's the next installment. This one might be a bit more difficult, but I'm sure someone will get it right. I've left considerably more than just the muzzle in the picture to help out:

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Matt said...

Not fully aware. Looks similar to the M1 carbine family. A few things are different like the bayonet lug placement. I've never owned or held a M1 so I'm only speaking from what I've seen at dealers and pictures.